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Types of Termites

Coptotermes spp (Subterranean Termites)

- most common in South Africa
- AKA White ants & Super termites
- cream in colour
- 6 legs & no wings
- large mandibles used to destroy wood
- Castes: Queen, king, soldier, worker, reproductive.

Subterranean Termite eating wood
Cryptotermes spp (Drywood Termites)

- mostly found in homes with untreated wood
- larger and darker than Subterranean Termites
- they make a clicking sound - droppings are 1 mm in length
- Castes: Queen, king, soldier, reproductive.

Drywood termite inside wood
Neotermes spp (Dampwood Termites)

- mostly found in damp rotting logs or rotten pockets in dead or living trees.
- are a lot like leaf cutting ants in their behaviour
- they feed mostly on grass and therefore like lawns and thatch roofs
- they are darker in colour than the other two types of termites
- Castes: Queen, king, soldier, worker, reproductive.

dampwood termite in grass

Termite Treatments

- soil treatment
- barrier treatment
- subterranean treatment
- termite baiting
- liquid termiticide treatment

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