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Types of Rats

Black Rats (Roof Rats)

- most common in SA
- 16 to 24 cm in length
- can weigh 200+ g
- dark brown to black in colour with a white belly
- long hairless tail
- pointed noise, large ears & slim a slim body

Centurion rats
Brown Rats

- larger than black rats
- up to 40+ cm in length
- can weigh 500+ g
- light to dark brown in colour
- tails is shorter than the body
- small ears and a thick body

brown rats in centurion

Rats Facts

- Rats carry diseases
- Rats damage your property
- They are omnivores

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    Fast and Effective Rats Control Centurion, South Africa

    Rats are known to transmit at least a dozen serious diseases. If you want to protect your family or employees from the associated health risks, rat control on your property is essential. Rodents are known to be persistent so if they gain access to your property in Centurion, they can cause considerable damage, contaminate food and spread diseases. They will also:

    • Damage your home’s insulation.
    • Chew through walls and floor joists.
    • Cause fires by gnawing on electrical cables.
    • Their burrowing activity can also compromise retaining walls, hillsides and other similar structures.


    Rodents don’t have to enter your property to be a problem. Even having them outside can pose a significant risk, especially with kids and pets playing in those areas. Call Pest Control Pros today for all your rodent control requirements in Centurion. We will offer you an effective pest control treatment solution to suit your business needs.

    What Is the Difference Between Rats and Mice?

    All rodents can be identified by the upper jaw and incisor teeth. Some rodents have a longer tail while others have bigger ears but if you look closely at the characteristics of their body as well as their habits, you will be able to distinguish rats from mice so you can follow the correct treatment procedure. Here are some tell-tale differences:

    • Mice have large ears while rats ears are smaller.
    • Mice have a long, thin, hairy tail and rats tails are thicker and hairless.
    • Mice are much smaller than rats when it comes to the size of their bodies.
    • Mice have distinctly smaller feet and head compared to rats.
    • Mice are typically brown or light grey and their bellies are light coloured.

    Signs of a Rat Infestation

    As we’ve mentioned before, rats can cause extensive damage to your property, contaminate food and animal feed and spread a host of serious diseases. Should they gain access to your Centurion property, they might bring with them other unwanted pests like lice, ticks and fleas. Below are the signs to look out for:

    • Rat Droppings – Rats produce up to 40 droppings per night which most probably will be concentrated to one area. Brown rat droppings resemble a grain of rice (tapered, spindle shape) and are dark brown in colour.
    • Footprints – Rats leave running tracks (foot and tail marks) in less-used, dusty areas of buildings. To look for tracks, try shining a strong torch at a low angle. To determine if a rat infestation is active, apply talc or fine flour on the floor near the footprints and look for fresh tracks the following day.
    • Scratching Noises – Black rats, also known as the roof rat, are some of the most avid climbers. They can easily gain entry into upper floors of buildings and loft spaces, so if you hear scratching noises at night, you might have an infestation on hands. Brown rats are not as eager to climb. Instead, you’ll find them scurrying under floorboards, sheds or decking. They are more likely to be identified by their bruxing (using their teeth to make a grinding noise).
    • Rat Nests – Rat nests can be found in burrows, attics, lofts, cavity walls, crawlspaces and under eaves. They make their nests with the available materials such as cardboard, loft insulation, and other soft items.
    • Rat holes – Brown rats are popular for digging and excavating expansive burrow systems next to solid objects or structures such as garden sheds, decking and garages for nesting, food, shelter and storage. Rat holes can also be found in well-vegetated, secluded areas such as gardens and wasteland.
    • Rub Marks – Due to their poor eyesight, rats use established routes along walls and skirting boards. Some of the dirt and grease on their bodies leave dark marks and smudges on both surfaces and objects they brush against repeatedly. These marks may suggest rodent activity, but since they may remain for a long time, smears don’t necessarily indicate an active infestation.


    How to Get Rid of Rats in Centurion

    Are you searching for rodent control for your business premises or your home in Centurion? Professional rodent control is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of a rat infestation. Get in touch with Centurion Pest Control for fast, effective treatments. Contact us today!

    Have you spotted any rat droppings or noticed any other signs of a rat infestation? Do you suspect you might have roof rats? It’s vital to act swiftly to manage the problem and get it under control so you can eliminate the health risks associated with rodents.

    At Pest Control Pros in Centurion, our technicians are qualified and knowledgable about global innovative treatment solutions. We will provide you with the most effective pest control treatments to rid your premises in Centurion of rats and other pests. We will also offer you rodent control advice to avoid an infestation in your home and business in the future. Contact us for a free quote.

    Effective Techniques to Control Rodents

    At Pest Control Pros Centurion, we can help you avoid expensive damage to your property in Centurion and surrounding areas and prevent the transfer of serious diseases by offering effective rodent control services. We only use the most eco-friendly, reliable and safe pest control methods to provide our clients with a long-term solution to your rodent problem.

    The most effective rodent control method includes the use of rodenticides. We have a broad selection of rodenticides in a wide range of formulations that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. You are in safe hands when you work with the team at Pest Control Pros Centurion. If the problem persists, we will come back to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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