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Types of Mice

Field Mice

- mostly found in empty buildings
- body = 80 to 100 mm in length
- tail = 70 to 90 mm in length
- can weigh 25+ g
- yellow / gold on the flanks and white belly
- long hairless tail
- pointed noise, large ears & slim a slim body

field mouse looking for food in kitchen
House Mice

- active all year round & found in homes
- body = 70 to 95 cm in length
- tail = 70 to 95 cm in length
- can weigh 12 to 30+ g
- small feet & head with big eyes & ears

house mice in Centurion

Mice Facts

- Mice can carry diseases
- Mice damage your property
- Prevent them from coming into your home by storing food away in plastic containers, clean under you refrigerator, stove and washing machine regularly.

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Fast and Affordable Mice Control Centurion

Mice are known to be excellent climbers. They can walk along thin wires and scale rough vertical surfaces without a problem. Their soft skeletons enable them to get through pencil width gaps. These little pests multiply fast and can cause significant damage to your property and furniture by chewing them. Their gnawing activities can also cause a fire if they get to your electrical cables. The droppings they leave behind will contaminate food and have been thought to trigger asthma in children.


If you suspect a mice infestation, you need to act fast and get it under control! Get the best pest control company in Centurion to manage your pest problem today. Speak to the team at Pest Control Pros Centurion to request a free quote. With one of the fastest turnaround times in South Africa, we can be there within an hour. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To top it off, we provide some of the best pest control rates in South Africa! Contact us right for world-class pest control services in Centurion now!

Signs of Mice Activity

Finding signs such as mouse droppings could indicate an active infestation. Fast action is required to protect your Centurion home and business in the long run. Here are some other signs to look out for:

  • Grease marks – When a mouse follow the same route, their fur will brush against the surface and leave marks.
  • Urine – They urinate everywhere to keep track of where they’ve been.
  • Nests – They use materials like fabrics and newspapers to line their nests.
  • Scratching noises – People often hear scratching noises at night since that’s when they are most active.
  • Live or dead mice – If you see them during the day, you might have a heavy infestation on hands.
  • Chemical smell: Their urine has a strong ammonia-like smell.

How Mice Enter Your Property

  • Through the roof – As we’ve mentioned before, the little pests are good at climbing, thus entering your property through the roof is easy.
  • Through gaps and holes – They can enter through air vents, unsealed holes around pipes or any damaged surfaces.
  • Cable paths and pipes – If they can’t fit through a hole, they will use their sharp teeth to make it bigger and squeeze through. They can even gnaw through metals. Rodents can easily travel between telephone lines and cables and since they’re excellent swimmers, they can enter through drain pipes too.
  • Food pallets – They thrive anywhere shelter and food are abundant. Which is why food production plants often struggle with infestations.


It’s vital to implement a regular pest control treatment if you don’t want your Centurion business to face a rodent infestation. As you can see, rodents can pose a great danger to our health and our belongings. Here’s how:

Spread diseases

Mouse urine trails and droppings cause rodent-borne diseases which can easily be contracted through touch. Often, they mix with dust which can then be inhaled and cause serious illness.

Cause damage

Rodents need to chew on objects to wear their ever-growing teeth down. They gnaw on anything and everything, leaving destruction behind wherever they infest. When they chew on cables and wires, they leave the rubber casing exposed which can lead to fires. If they were to get into the wiring of your car, you’ll be faced with extensive financial implications.

Work with the best pest control company in the area and get in touch with Pest Control Pros Centurion today.

Effective Pest Control Centurion

Are you worried about a rodent infestation in your Centurion home? Get help from Centurion Pest control professionals today. We are ready to assist with a customised pest control treatment solution. One of our pest control technicians will visit your site and do a thorough survey. Once an infestation has been identified, we will come up with a solid pest control treatment plan to safely remove rodents from your home and business. We will also come up with a pest control maintenance plan to avoid a re-infestation.

With the pesticides we use during our pest control treatment, you won’t even have to leave the room. At Centurion Pest Control, we only use eco-friendly products that won’t harm children or pets. In fact, whatever your pest problem, we have the perfect pest control treatment solution for you!

You can rely on Centurion Pest Control to get rid of pests safely and effectively. With many years of experience in pest control, our qualified and registered technicians can provide you with a fast and effective solution to your pest problem. Call the Pest Control Pros today!

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