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Types of Flies

House Flies

- most common in SA
- are vectors for disease and spread bacteria
- 5 - 8mm in length
- grey thorax with 4 stripes
- covered with small hairs (taste organs)

Drain Flies

- also very common in SA
- attracted to warm moist and areas: drains, leaking sewer water, poor drainage and hygiene in toilets and bathrooms
- 2mm in length
- tan colored body (appears grey)
- wings covered in hair

Fruit Flies

- AKA vinegar flies
- common in clubs, bars and restaurants
- 3mm in length
- yellow brown in colour
- tend to hover

Centurion Fruit Fly
Cluster Flies

- they swarm in the thousands
- they lay eggs in earth worms
- 6 - 10mm in length
- dark grey thorax with golden brown hairs
- sluggish in flight
- wings overlap when not in flight

Centurion Cluster Fly
Blow Flies (Brommers)

- big, ugly and noisy in flight
- they feed of decaying flesh
- 8 - 10mm in length
- metalic blue, green or black in colour

Blow Flies in Centurion

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Fast and Effective Fly Control Centurion

In South Africa, we are used to the company of flies. They are synonymous with rugby, braais and other outdoor activities. However, they are also a pest and a nuisance. When they infest your home and business, they pose a health risk by spreading diseases like E.coli and Salmonella. Protect yourself with professional fly control Centurion.

Even if your pest problem is small, it’s vital to take action fast and get it under control with fly control Centurion to avoid a serious infestation. The life cycle of flies are short and it takes just 7 days for some species to mature from eggs to adults.

Do you have a fly infestation? Fly Control Centurion can help. We are confident in our pest control services and offer our solutions to the residents in Centurion and surrounding areas. Call us for affordable pest control solutions today!

Signs of a Fly Infestation

Having a few flies in your home or business might not suggest an infestation but, it should signal a warning to take some preventative measures or get help from professionals like Fly Control Centurion. Below are 3 signs you might have an infestation on hand:

Pinhead Sized Clusters of Dark Spots

Check wall surfaces, light fittings and high areas of the room like on top of cupboards or shelving. Look in difficult-to-clean areas such as drains & drainage channels, broken floor tiling, areas around sinks as well as sub-floor cavities where the content of damaged drains might accumulate. Fly Control Centurion can help you monitor these areas regularly.

Seeing Flies Regularly in the Same Spot

You might need help form fly control Centurion if you notice a substantial number of buzzing flies around refuse areas and other waste containers regularly. Flies are attracted to standing water so make sure to inspect anywhere that water pools including rainwater butts, guttering, old machinery and tyres. Flies can also be attracted to watersoaked pot plants.


Maggots are simply flies in their larval stage. If you find maggots in deteriorating food and waste areas, it indicates a potential breeding site. We suggest you contact us for fast fly control Centurion.

How to Get Rid of Flies

To guarantee complete and effective fly control Centurion, using a professional pest control company is key. To get your fly problem under control and to ensure long-term protection, your Fly Control Centurion expert will follow the ERDM method.


The first step includes making your windows, doors and roof vents impenetrable to prevent flies from entering your property in the first place.


Step 2 will include cleaning and instating good housekeeping practices to eliminate potential fly breeding sites.


The use of innovative and eco-friendly fly control products and treatment solutions to suit your individual needs will be step 3.


To keep your fly problem under control, regular inspections are needed and thus the final step in this method.


Looking for effective fly control Centurion? At Centurion Pest Control, we are confident with the treatment methods and products we use to eliminate and control flies and other pests. With the best, most reliable pest control technicians in Centurion in our service, we can offer fly control anywhere in Centurion in under 60 minutes.

Fly Control Centurion: Treatment Solutions

Do you need help to get your fly problem under control? Fly Control Centurion offers various treatment solutions including electric fly control units.


When it comes to fly control Centurion, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Our pest control technician will do a thorough survey of your premises, after which they will recommend a pest control treatment designed specifically for your needs. We have had great success by using one, or a combination, of the following control measures:


  • Hygiene and housekeeping recommendations
  • Electronic Fly Killers
  • Dusting powders
  • Baits
  • Fogs
  • Sprays
  • Aerosol mists


With the most effective treatment strategy in the industry, you can rest assured that your property will be protected from flies, now and long-term.

Fly Control Centurion: How to Prevent a Fly Infestation

Do you have a problem with flies? As we’ve already mentioned, flies can be a nuisance pest for anyone they come in contact with but they are known to spread various diseases and could pose a serious health risk.


There are some practical steps you can take to deter flies from infesting your home or business. Most of these steps won’t cost anything but your time. Ensure effective fly control by making some indoor and outdoor changes to cover possible hot spots.


  • Empty trash cans regularly
  • Keep every surface clean and free from food debris at all times
  • Scoop up the pet faeces regularly
  • Trim your garden regularly – they thrive in heaps of leaves and long grass
  • Don’t store your compost heap close to your property
  • Drain the water. They love pooling water
  • Ensure fruit is covered


By taking these steps, you can prevent an infestation. Call Fly Control Centurion today on 087 012 5499. We have an effective pest control solution for your business.

Why Hire Fly Control Centurion?

It is vital to identify the correct species to locate their breeding site and to ensure the right treatment method. Fly Control Centurion offer effective fly control in Centurion by SAPCA certified technicians that are directed at both adult flies and larval to achieve the best results. We will schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. We have an environmentally sensitive approach that is safe for children and pets.


Fly Control Centurion are experts in pest control in Centurion and South Africa. Our pest control technicians are trained in innovative technologies and treatments to ensure long-term results. For more information about us and the pest control solutions, call us today!


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