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Types of Flies

House Flies

- most common in SA
- are vectors for disease and spread bacteria
- 5 - 8mm in length
- grey thorax with 4 stripes
- covered with small hairs (taste organs)

Drain Flies

- also very common in SA
- attracted to warm moist and areas: drains, leaking sewer water, poor drainage and hygiene in toilets and bathrooms
- 2mm in length
- tan colored body (appears grey)
- wings covered in hair

Fruit Flies

- AKA vinegar flies
- common in clubs, bars and restaurants
- 3mm in length
- yellow brown in colour
- tend to hover

Centurion Fruit Fly
Cluster Flies

- they swarm in the thousands
- they lay eggs in earth worms
- 6 - 10mm in length
- dark grey thorax with golden brown hairs
- sluggish in flight
- wings overlap when not in flight

Centurion Cluster Fly
Blow Flies (Brommers)

- big, ugly and noisy in flight
- they feed of decaying flesh
- 8 - 10mm in length
- metalic blue, green or black in colour

Blow Flies in Centurion

How To Prevent Flies

- Regularly empty trash cans
- Keep all surfaces clean at all times
- Regularly scoop the dog poop
- Trim, trim, trim - they love long grass & heaps of leaves.
- Keep your compost heap as far from the house as possible
- Drain the water. They love standing water
- Cover the fruit

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