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Types of nuisance birds


- body = 300 mm in length - colour = blue & grey (other colours also common)

pigeon making nest in roof
House sparrows

- body = 150 mm in length
- colour = brown (males have a grey crown on their heads)

Sparrow looking for food

- body = 200 mm in length - colour = black (appears green & purple)

straling making nest in roof
Indian Mynas

- body = 250 mm in length - colour = brown & white with green neck

Bird Facts

- They can carry diseases
- They can damage your property

Bird Removal methods

- Eagle Eye™ bird scarer’s. Where reflection scares them away
- Bird spikes on walls
- Physical barriers such as netting
- We try to relocate them instead of extermination

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Fast and Affordable Bird Control Centurion

For business owners, some bird species can be a real nuisance. Birds commonly gain access to a property through damaged roofing or the loading bay. Ensure that your business is protected against the risks associated with birds by adopting specialist bird control measures today. If you are looking for pest control specialists to safeguard your home and business in Centurion against birds and other pests such as cockroaches, rodents and termites, we can assist. We provide all our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if your pest returns, so will we.


Bird Control for Your Centurion Business


As we’ve mentioned before, birds can wreak havoc on your premises in Centurion. They can:


  • Cause extensive damage to your property by building nests, blocking gutters, dislodging roof tiles, leaving droppings that might cause building material to deteriorate.
  • Aggressively attack employees and customers while defending their young, especially during the breeding season.
  • Carry lice, ticks, fleas, mites and other biting insects which can pose various health risks by transmitting a host of serious diseases to humans.


At Pest Control Pros Centurion, we’re the specialists in effective bird control. We have a broad range of affordable, discreet and humane measures that won’t disrupt your business or harm the birds. Bird problem? NO problem! Call us today and we can be there to have them removed under 60 minutes!

Business Solutions for Bird Control South Africa

To ensure a lasting and effective solution to your bird problem, we provide effective bird proving techniques with the most reliable, tried and tested bird deterrents on the market. We aim to be the best in pest control company in South Africa and to protect your home and business from any type of pest.


Bird control can sometimes be complicated due to the location of your property and the severity of the problem. After a thorough inspection by our knowledgable technicians, we will determine the best treatment method to control your bird problem by considering the following factors:


  • bird species
  • location
  • area of application
  • access


With many years of experience in the pest control industry and a team of registered and qualified technicians who undergo regular training, our bird control treatment will prove to be highly successful. If you need an effective solution to your bird problem fast, call Pest Control Pros Centurion today or contact us online.

It is vital to remove all birds on-site, even if temporarily, to ensure they are not trapped by the solution employed to keep them out, and thus the success of the bird control solution. We take care not to harm birds while capturing them and don’t separate young birds from their parents. Culling is seldom a solution we resort to. We use ultrasound to chase birds from your property if we are sure there aren’t any young birds present. Our mist nets and cages used during the capturing process are approved by the relevant authorities.


Centurion Bird Control: Why Choose Us?

Pest Control Pros Centurion is your one-stop-shop when it comes to eco-friendly bird control, bird control products and other pest control services. We only use products of the highest quality to ensure our clients get great value for money. With several teams to install and service our pest control solutions and consultants that are always willing to assist, we are confident in our ability to permanently rid your property of birds and pest such as rodents, cockroaches and more.

We offer treatment solutions for a wide range of applications in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural markets. Feel free to call us for a free quote today!

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