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Ant Info

Types Of Ants

- Pharaoh’s Ants (most lethal in SA)
- Worker-ants (yellow-brown in color with a brown color at the abdomen region)
- Pavement ants (black or brown in colour). They are 3mm long in size with 6 legs and surprisingly they have 2 spines on their back. The winged-ants gives the resemblance of termites and sometimes people even consider them as termites.
- Fire ants (copper-brown head and body and they are darker in color in their abdomen region. The workers are 3-6mm long in size and the queens are 15mm long in size. Female can lay up to 125 eggs in the late spring season.)
- Argentine ants (smaller species of Ant with workers ranging in size 1.6mm to 2.8mm. They are red/brown in color with 6 legs and very small mandibles)
- Black or garden ants (Garden Ants pose more of a problem than their cousins. Although they frequently attain numbers exceeding 10 000 individuals, these menaces are largely responsible for uneven paving and those ever to “tidy” heaps of sand along your wall floor junctions)

ant control in Centurion
Ant Removal Products

- Ant granules
- Ant spray
- Ant killer dust
- Ant baits
- Ant control kits

General Facts

- Colonies may consist of 300 000 individuals or more!
- Adults are often observed carrying pupae along ant “scent” or pheromone trails when they’re establishing a new colony. Mistakenly, some people assume that these pupae are actually eggs.
- Ants prefer sunny climate and the climate in Centurion is exactly what they want.

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